Hello Fairbanks!

Hello Fairbanks!

We are new arrivals to your beautiful city, and we plan to be here as long as the Army allows us. I’m Crystle, the photographer. My husband, Isaac, is the brains behind the operation. He drafted the business documents and handles most of the bookkeeping for Yea Yea Photography. But it’s definitely a team effort. We also have a daughter, she’s an infant who mainly helps the business by modeling. We’ll wait awhile before we put her to any real work.

I specialize in Lifestyle Photography, meaning I shoot on-location, outside of a studio setting. This is a more candid approach to portraiture, which makes for a more natural documentation of your lives. I will pose you and your loved one(s) in certain settings like an Engagement Session, but the majority of my portraits will engage a more organic, less staged look.

I hope to be your go-to photographer for all of your family’s milestones. If you’re a military family like us, you receive a 10% discount on sessions. If you’re a civilian, don’t worry, I also offer a referral discount of 25%. If you refer a friend, and they complete a session with Yea Yea Photography, you receive a 25% discount on your next session. It gets better: you can stack these discounts until your session(s) are free! I personally think loyalty programs like this are great.

At this time my professional portfolio is rather bare, if you would like to book a session to help me build it, you’ll receive 50% off the retail price of a session. That’s insanely cheap! This discount won’t last long, so book now for your on location photo shoot. I will honor these portfolio-building sessions up to three months after the consultation, meaning book now — and we can complete your session in the spring/summer.

Doors open for normal business in Spring of 2014 when the sun reignites over interior Alaska.

Contact me at (405) 308-3343 or by email at yeayeaphotography@gmail.com

Thank you for stopping by,

Crystle Ardoin


PS – If you’re interested in getting to know us better, visit my personal blog over at Yea Yea Pueblo.